Employer Benefits

As employers within the industry, many of you will be familiar with the struggle to find and retain ‘trainee level’ talent, due to inexperience or a sheer lack of understanding of the role of an Animal Technician and the career potential that comes along with it. This leads to newly inducted staff leaving the career within their first few months. Poor staff retention is disruptive with both money and time being wasted. ATP is an employer solution to put and end to unsustainable new recruits.

  • Better trained and ‘Quality’ animal technicians

    We noticed a huge gap in the market for temporary workers who are both motivated to learn or able to learn with the right support (I mean who is responsible for temporary workers development?!). This was hard to balance as temporary workers, as they are often seen as an ‘extra pair of hands’. This means that temps do not always receive the right training to set them up for a good start. By training and developing the ATP techs, we are ensuring they are voluntarily jumping through loops. ATPS are unpaid to prove themselves and dedicate their own time, showing their commitment levels to the career from day 1. ATP weeds out the unmotivated workers before they step into the classroom let alone a unit!

  • Lower costs

    Employers were fed up of paying for trainees who have come off the back of a job board, who have no real training or motivation. Motivation and behaviours are hard to assess until someone is in the job. Temporary workers coming and going just causes issues with trust, reliability, wasted time, costs and resources. ATP animal technicians are committed to learning and becoming animal technicians

  • Industry awareness and ATP Learners expectations managed from Day 1

    16 – 20 weeks of ATP shared knowledge, studying and training creates ‘Trainee Animal Technicians’ that are of exceptional quality and high understanding from day .

  • Enables employers to heavily focus time on getting it right from day 1 of work experience

    2 weeks solid, on the job training with an ‘in placement training log’.

    ‘Try before you buy’ and bypass expensive advertising and interview processes.

    ATP accredited learners are able to access ATP Employer Partners ring fenced vacancies which means they are entitled to first refusal for any suitable vacancies. As an employer partner you have already seen the work of these budding technicians. All participating Employer Partners will have access to ATP final portfolios along with testimonials from well established names from within the industry, making recruiting easy and low-risk.

  • Widened pool of candidates

    Diversifies and widens the standard pool of candidates. This allows you to obtain talent which may have somehow been missed off before due to a candidates lack of industry awareness, confidence or issues such as nerves during an interview etc. The ATP process allows you to upskill typical applicants and for them to show their commitment and behaviours through an ATP work placement.

  • CSR Objectives / Ethically Fair Opportunities

    Evidenced through ATP, as an employer you are ensuring that you are open and diverse in your recruitment approach by allowing applicants to apply in other ways like the ATP. The ATP partnership can be seen as offering opportunities to wider groups and allowing people to access vacancies with reasonable adjustments such as guaranteed interviews, online information workshops, working interviews such as the ATP work trials. ATP are disability confident and mental health first aid trained to ensure we can accommodate if necessary a learner as best as possible.