ATP’s Concordat on Openness & Public Engagements

The Concordat on Openness is a set of commitments for UK-based life science organisations to enhance their animal research communications. Launched by Understanding Animal Research on 14th May 2014, the Concordat currently has 121 signatories. This page is designed to showcase how the ATP openly advocates what we do as an organisation, how we offer support, advice and education to those looking to work with animals in research. This page is designed to showcase how we are committed to this pledge.

Here at ATP

… we feel we are a huge advocate for ‘animals in research’ with a large part of ourmission to be actively and openly promoting the work that animals have within scientific research. We now have 21 employer partners on board that allow us to engage with their students throughout the UK. This is done via workshops in the classroom, lectures or within careers fayres. The ATP also regularly conducts ‘Information Workshops’ throughout the hotspot regions to ensure we are actively promoting and educating people on the career path and industry as a whole.

The ATPs Programme Director Joanna Bradshaw recruited Josefine Woodley at the start of September 2018 to help us on our mission within educational establishments. Josefine conducts many workshops on the latest research, stat’s, ethics and legislation that are surrounding the career of an animal technician. Josefine Woodley talks from the heart of an experienced animal technician and gives up to date facts. Whilst ATP were actively going out and breaking down doors to get into the classrooms, we felt it was important for someone who has experienced the role along with training teams of animal technicians.

Josefine has been an incredible asset to us as an organisation and has really helped get the real message across and busting myths as she goes.

We have partnered up on social media channels with the university and colleges to share clips, pictures, and information on these talks. We have gained many testimonials from the learners themselves / future animal technicians and the college/universities. We are very proud to also be on the employer/employability panels for some of the college’s employability and life sciences with the likes of Hadlow, Writtle, Uni of Lincoln, Sparsholt, etc. We have many images evidencing this if you wish to see this. We also have videos which we have not yet published that explain what we all do as a part of the ATP and why we feel the role of an animal technician is important when using animals within the research environment
We have recently started to gain leverage by breaking down barriers and gaining access to members of the public within DWP / Jobcentres, something with as an S3 organisation, we found has been a challenge over the years. We have many partners on board who are actively promoting the career via civil servants such as employment advisors along with posters being showcased within their JCP and subcontractor/supply chain branches.