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You are 10 times more likely to be offered a role via an agency along with a 96% chance of being offered paid work via the ATP following your work placement!

You get FREE support and extra help providing you apply to a role via S3 or ATP. Please do speak to us first before applying for further roles, as we sadly cannot represent you if you apply directly or have duplicate applications to the same role. Let us do the hard work for you and trust our amazing success rates!

Test the waters, try it out and bypass interview processes!

ATP accredited ATP Trainee Animal Technicians are able to access employer partners ring fenced vacancies. The employers have seen you in action and are able to see your end portfolio with testimonials from well established names from within the industry. This makes recruiting easy and low-risk! (Why would they want to look anywhere else?)

No lengthy applications!

Although we will ask for impact statements (a paragraph or so) we will be responsible for building your portfolio for you! No need to spend hours applying online against

Guaranteed Feedback

You will get feedback throughout within 0 mins – 24 hours! Our employers are great at giving feedback and are here to work WITH you not against you!

1st hand Exclusive intel on upcoming and potential new jobs

We have access to jobs that you as a job seeker often cannot see (yet). Through many years of partnership with clients, agencies are often the first to hear about profiles that are needed. You could be that 1st CV in front of the hiring manager that is seen before the job advert is even up!

We are trusted

As a well-known and established organisation within this very niche sector, we are highly-trusted by the industry employers to find the right people. As a candidate we will prepare you with solid advice that is clear, up to date, revised and well informed. We can offer information, advice and guidance on getting the job because we know the employers the best!

24/7 Helpline

Support during the training and recruitment stages through to the ‘in work’ support stages. We have a team of ex-industry senior level workers who are here to support you from training, any applications, any interview, any job offer and and even when you are successfully placed in work via S3 or ATP

What will I Learn and How?

Learning Outcomes

Both learners and employers will receive a copy of the learning outcomes prior to enrolment. The learning outcomes are in place to ensure that there is a clear expectation and plan of what makes needs to be achieved to ‘study pass’ a learner along with a further ‘fully work ready accredited’ animal technician. This helps manage both the learners and employers expectations.

Training log

There is also an in work training log which we require all learners to complete to achieve full accreditation status. Learners have round the clock 24/7 support to them. Learners will also be well looked after by an experienced trainer who is fully qualified to teach. We will only ever use trainers who have real working life ’industry experience’ within the role of an animal technician, We feel this is important to ensure our learners do not receive just ‘text book’ training. Real life work experiences and an understanding of all areas of the role is key within the ATP training programme You will be required to complete and own your training using our ATP ‘In work training log’. This can be a paper or log or updated on a smart device or computer, whichever suits your learning style

Overview of the online pre-learning topics covered

  • Becoming An Animal Technician (Insight into the career)
  • Animal Research Industry History And Overview
  • Legislation
  • Animal Welfare and Ethics
  • Animal Health And Husbandry
  • Animal Environment, Housing, Management and Biosecurity
  • Production Of Laboratory Animals
  • Physical workshops
  • Animal Handling & Site tour of an animal facility
  • Ethics, biosecurity and advocating your role as an animal technician
We offer 24/7 support and extra time for anyone with additional needs. We are here to support you every step of the way to get you through We also have additional modules available for different species which are optional dependant on your employer partners animal facility. We always recommend that you take up these modules for future reference

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